At Fuller Western, the voice of our customer is at the heart of our performance philosophy. Safety, quality and value added services are a part of our vision and culture.

A strong organizational structure, accountability based management, people who are properly trained and challenged, processes based on standardization and continuous improvement are what creates the on-spec on-time mentality which sets CASL apart from other coating companies. To us and our customers, how we conduct business is as important as the products we provide. Our focus is on long term success. We use good processes for good results, work closely with our partners and focus on being innovative problem solvers. We use a continuous improvement system that guarantees partner of choice performance with added value every time.


CASL will be an industry leader in safety, service delivery and quality, working closely with customers and suppliers to provide innovative solutions for corrosion and abrasion issues.


CASL will be the preferred service provider for owners of industrial assets seeking to protect their infrastructure from the effects of wear caused by age and deterioration.

Fuller Western is proudly part of the CASL Group of Companies.